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Eye Movement and Memory

When studying or talking with your student, you may notice frequent eye movement. This article is a great resource for understanding why your student does not keep a steady eye gaze or maintain eye contact while holding conversation and/or studying. 



Dianna King Typing Program

When learning to type using traditional keyboarding methods is ineffective, consider using the Dianna King Typing Program.  This program uses prior knowledge of the alphabet to teach typing.  Research has shown this program to be effective for individuals who have dyslexia and other print processing challenges.  Click the link above for more information. 



Writing Support

The following is a great link full of information on dysgraphia.  If your student struggles with the writing process and/or putting thoughts on paper this website has research based information explaining why the student may struggle and offers remediation strategies.  Many of these strategies are implemented at school as appropriate for the student.  Encouraging the continued use of these strategies at home will help your student be confident and experience success outside the classroom.     http://www.ldonline.org

Special Education

Mrs. Brenda Doonan
Special Education Teacher